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HCRG Care Group provides Adult Community Services and Urgent Care Services in West Lancashire, covering Ormskirk, Skelmersdale, Burscough and Tarleton. We provide a wide range of services outside of hospital, in the community and in people’s homes. We began providing these services in May 2017.

A wide variety of NHS services sit within the term ‘community services’. In very simple terms it means all the services that aren’t delivered in a large hospital (secondary care) or classed as primary care (like GP practices and urgent care centres).

We provide similar services across the country, where we’ve invested significantly in bringing services together and improving the experience for the people who use our services. In West Lancashire we’ve been commissioned to improve the experience of people using these services by introducing new ways of working, making the best use of technology and increasing efficiency.

If you’re interested in helping us develop the services you can join our Citizens Panel.  Our innovative approach to involving the community doesn’t mean attending lots of meetings, and you can choose from three levels of engagement – informed, asked and involved. Keep an eye out for our new website.

The aim of our community services and teams is to work together with other organisations to provide you with the care you need close to, or in your home as a seamless experience, regardless of who in the NHS is actually looking after you.

Our staff have the skills and experience to make a real difference, so we empower them to challenge ‘the way things have always been done’.

All of our community services are localised, but they have a common approach:

  • Improving your experience – we’re always looking to improve your experience, whether that means working with GPs who refer into our services to improve this process so we see you quicker or providing unexpected magic touches.
  • Listening to you – we ask everyone using our services to feedback on their experience so we can find out what we’re doing well and what we need to do better. We have a network of clinical experts who share examples of best practice and learn together.
  • Care in the most appropriate place – we want to provide care in the best place for you, which is often in your own home.
  • Safe and consistent – we have to meet rigorous Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards for our services and we run our own internal inspections and have robust governance and reporting systems to monitor how all of our services are doing, so you can be confident that your care, safety and privacy are our absolute priorities.

If you have a concern, compliment or complaint about the service you have received from HCRG Care Group or you need or want more information on the services we provide, then our Customer Experience team can help you.

Please chose the most appropriate option below or call us on 0300 303 9509 for more information.

Contact us

To raise a concern, make a complaint or leave a compliment, please click here to send us an email or write to us at the address below.

HCRG Care Group Customer Experience
The Health Business and Technical Park,
Cheshire WA7 4QX

t: 0300 303 9509

Please note, the phone line, email form and mailbox are monitored between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Please do not use these lines for emergency medical help, instead please dial 111 or 999 as appropriate.

Our values

We have three values which help us stand out from the crowd, not just because there’s only three, but because they are unique to who we are. They’re our moral compass and define the way we ThinkCare and Do our bit.

We don’t have a one size fits all solution because every service we provide is designed around the needs of the local population. However, we do have a common approach to delivering the very best service we can for the local community.