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22 February – Update event

West Lancashire’s Citizens’ Panel members got together for the first meeting of the panel on the 22nd February. The meeting was an opportunity for panel members to find out more about our services and how we would be keeping members informed about the latest service developments and engagement opportunities available for members.

Michelle Lee, Managing Director for our services in West Lancashire, introduced the session and answered questions from members. The team leading our transformation programme gave an update on progress with latest projects and opportunities for members to get involved with our service redesign work. The session concluded with a presentation from the communications lead who provided an overview of the Citizens’ Panel and what we hope to achieve as a panel.

One of our members shared their experience of the first meeting: “Thank you to all those involved in our meeting for the time they spent explaining their philosophies , and working practices . It was really appreciated , and I shall do my best to spread the information”.

Tranformation Powerpoint